• Four minds - one goal: to produce high-quality wines in harmony with nature.
    Our family has been following this philosophy for more than 150 years. Nikolaus Jakoby laid the foundation for today's winery in 1959. To this point the harvest was delivered to local wine cellars and wineries. After harvesting the wine of the century Nikolaus Jakoby decided to press, produce, and market the wines directly. Today, the family estate is carried on in the third generation by Erich, Rita, Peter and Stefan Jakoby.

  • With new inspirations and ideas, we have modernized the entire company appearance to the spirit of the times. Without compromise we pursue our ultimate goal: to produce high-quality and independent wines in harmony with nature, and you can taste this with every sip!

  • Today we produce 30,000 bottles every year on 11,000 acres of vines, and are exported to eight different countries in addition to distribution in Germany. 85% of the total vineyard area is planted with Riesling. For over 20 years, we have been working with the Spätburgunder variety, which also finds ideal conditions in our steep slopes. Our vineyards lie directly behind our village and grow into the partly rocky slate areas Kinheimer Hubertuslay and Kinheimer Rosenberg.

  • The wines are made in our vineyard!
    As a small family business, it is important for us to manage the vineyards ourselves, especially the manual labor. This way, we learn to understand the vines better so that today these unique and characteristic wines can be created. We think this uncompromising work has paid off!

  • The cellar is the place where the freshly pressed grape juice is guided through specific measures during fermentation and can then unfold its full aroma and diversity with the introduction of fine yeast. The wines are developed in small stainless steel containers or in classic wooden barrels.