• Hubertuslay
    Minerals! Spice! Energy! Blend!
    These are the typical characteristics of our Hubertuslay Rieslings. The south-south-west oriented blue and gray slate layer, in combination with a little refinement, offers ideal conditions for delicate, juicy Riesling wines. The Rieslings present themselves spicy and temperament-full and need the necessary targeted addition of yeast before the filling, in order to be able to show all natural facets of this site. On a total of six parcels, grows our entire range of dry and fine Rieslings.

  • Rosenberg
    Fruity! Elegant! Longevity!
    A previously unknown and perhaps underestimated top spot. A southern slope with very loose and partly rocky blue slate. The prime parcel of this location is the "Eulenlay". Formerly a single vineyard, which produced extremely small, aromatic grapes due to the 30-year-old vineyards. The Rieslings from the Rosenberg are fine, juicy and show, as the namealready promises, very floral fruit notes, which are very well balanced by a smoky minerality due to the high slate share.